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I presume that all of the figures were calculated using a single node/CPU.

My usage of parquet has been on clusters of multiple nodes running on cloud environments (AWS,Databricks) atop S3 storage. If a very large dataset has been "sharded" into, say, 20 parquet files, and if the cluster is running a like number (20) of nodes, then reading and writing the dataset to/from parquet can be lightning-fast.

It would be interesting to rerun the analysis on clusters of varying sizes where formats such as parquet would benefit from the parallelization while other formats may not.

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Worthwhile to investigate all sorts of potyential optimization areas...On my machine I tend to think of the multiple things I'm running locall rather that connections as I have a fiber connection..but that is not necessarily the case.

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Nice. Wondering how you plot those data so nicely in your post?

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